Striping helps make your parking lot more attractive, more professional, and more inviting!


Line 'marking' or 'striping' is necessary for all lots and parking decks. We are capable of line marking lots in a variety of ways and are knowledgeable of all regulations and parking codes associated. Whether you have a blueprint or not, we will make your lot safe and functional. For 'restripes', we are often able to correct previous unsightly work. As far as stencils, we offer a wide variety including all standard parking lot stencils and the alphabet in many sizes. If you can think it, we can paint it.

For best adhesion when striping a parking lot the temperature should be 45 Fahrenheit or higher. Our preparation consists of removing all debris from the parking lot with a power blower or broom and when needed, we will pressure wash the parking area. Pressure washing the area cleans dirt and removes oil from the surface which provides a cleaner surface and helps improve paint adhesion.

Pressure washing can also remove any unwanted lines from your parking lot. Striping removal is essential when re-designing a parking area or adding disabled parking spaces. It is also recommended to remove any lines previously done with a water-based paint if a company decides to restripe with an oil-based paint